Counselling and Psychotherapy can help you to identify, make sense of and deal with issues which are affecting you today and adversely impacting your life. Quite often we suppress and ignore things that are troubling us until they start to stop us from functioning properly, or even make us physically ill. The link between good physical health and good mental health is probably stronger than you realise. So if you are troubled by something or not managing to function in the way that you would like I can probably help. Quite often we don't know how far we have fallen until we start to feel good again. As a professional member of the National Counselling Society I work to a strict ethical code, so I will only work with you if I believe I can help you to make the positive changes you want.

Counselling & Psychotherapy 

Hypnotherapy is the process of using relaxation to bypass your conscious mind and make positive change by communicating directly with your subconscious mind. Its almost certainly not what you think it is. You can never be made to do something against your will and you will never lose control. It can however lead to dramatic success in changing unwanted behaviour and dealing with limiting conditions such as helping you to become a non-smoker, sleeping better, losing weight, ridding yourself of phobias and building your confidence.


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& Hypnotherapy

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