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Classical Five Element Acupuncture

The main difference between Western medicine and Oriental medicine is the basic theory of the Chinese that there is a Life Force called Ch'i Energy, and this Life Force flows within us in a harmonious, balanced way. This harmony and balance is health. If the Life Force is not flowing properly, then there is disharmony and imbalance. This is illness. 

What can Acupuncture help with?

Many people, of all ages, come for acupuncture for help with a wide range of symptoms. Acupuncture has recently been endorsed by the British Medical Association and the House of Lords as particularly effective in treating conditions such as back pain, migraines, nausea, vomiting and dental pain.

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What happens in treatment?

The first session lasts one and a half to two hours and is a diagnostic session. Your medical and family history are noted as well as how your body systems function (sleep, appetite etc). It is very important to get to know you and your individual needs because it is on this basis that your treatments can be planned. The first session includes a few physical tests, none of which are uncomfortable or invasive in any way. After the first session, treatments last from three quarters to one hour and will be spaced according to your needs and in discussion with you.

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Is it safe?

Yes, very. All needles (which are very fine) are sterile, disposable and are used once only. The British Acupuncture Council lays down strict codes of practice, ethics and confidentiality. Practitioners have full professional Indemnity Insurance. We also use a herb called Moxa, which is burned in small cones on acupuncture points to warm and energise before inserting the needles.

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How will I feel after treatment?

Everyone is unique – so is their treatment - and so will be their response. Some people feel a marked improvement in their main symptoms straight away; some feel quickly revitalised; others may feel the change much more subtly and may take more time. It is worth remembering that, if you come for specific help with a condition that you have had for a long time, it may take longer for that condition to heal. Work with your practitioner who may also suggest changes in your diet or lifestyle.

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How often will I need Treatment?

In traditional acupuncture philosophy each person is considered as unique, therefore the number of treatments required depends on the individual. Some change is usually felt after five treatments. Normally you are recommended to visit once or twice a week at first, although some conditions may need less frequent attention. Sometimes the effects of the treatments are dramatic, and only one or two treatments are required. With other patients the effects are more subtle and they may need treatment over several months.

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Should my Doctor know?

If you are receiving treatment from your doctor then it makes sense to tell him/her of your plans to have acupuncture. The acupuncture treatment may enable you to reduce or even stop taking some forms of medication, but your doctor should be consulted regarding any change of prescription.

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